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HEDNA Call to Participate in Survey Developed to Tackle
Global Hotel Current Analytics Practice & Challenges
Results of the open survey will be published to educate
hoteliers on implementing analytics best practices
to optimize their distribution strategies
Washington, DC – October 2017 / Newsmaker Alert / HEDNA (the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) announces, via its most recently formed working group on Hotel Analytics, the launch of a campaign to invite hoteliers to participate in a new global survey on analytics best practice.

The working group, co-chaired by David Turnbull (Co-Founder, SnapShot) & Matthew Goulden (CEO, Triometric) aims to establish best practice guidelines that will empower hoteliers to optimize how they collect, store, analyze and action their data to make intelligent decisions about their distribution strategies.

HEDNA’s Hotel Analytics Working Group, comprised of a variety of lodging and technology vendor participants, has developed a unique survey, designed to determine current practices, perceived pain points, and likely future direction. The hotel industry faces several challenges when dealing with disparate data and responding to this critical survey will assist HEDNA in developing best practices for the industry at large.

Sarah Fults, president of HEDNA, commented, “Topics such as the cost of acquisition, data collection, and storage along with enhanced guest experience resonate with hospitality organizations globally. The solutions, however, are not black and white and require regional and segmented approaches. With this survey, HEDNA sets out to better understand the global landscape and generate a series of actionable guidelines to support the wider hotel and lodging community.”

HEDNA asks that all hoteliers respond to the survey to gain as much insight as possible. The open survey can be completed via

The results will be published as an interim report and webinar series in November 2017, breaking down findings on a global, regional, organizational and property type level, culminating in a presentation of findings and best practice guidelines during HEDNA’s January 2018 Conference in Austin, Texas.

For more information on HEDNA Hotel Analytics working group, visit

About Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA)
HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) is a not-for-profit trade association whose worldwide membership includes executives and managers from the most influential companies in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1991, HEDNA’s mission is to be the leading global forum for advancing hospitality distribution through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its vision calls for HEDNA to be known for creating an environment that fosters strategic collaboration toward business development in the global hospitality industry. For more, visit

Ann Crampton
HEDNA Associate Director

Publishing Dates: 10/05/17 – 12/05/17
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